New Season Scallions ‘Spring’ Onto Shelves


Over 300,000 bunches of scallions are set to spring off shelves in Asda stores this summer.

The scallions – spring onions or salad onions as they are sometimes known – are grown for Gilfresh by Armagh grower Paddy Finn, owner of Kilmore Farm Produce.

Danielle Mitchell from Gilfresh said,

“We enjoy a great relationship with Asda, supplying them with a range of fresh produce including our new season scallions. Our grower Paddy has been in the field checking the crop for the last few weeks, waiting for the optimum time to harvest – and the results have been fantastic.”

Billy Clelland, Quality Manager of Asda NI added,

“At Asda we’re proud to work with some of the best growers and suppliers from across the agri-food industry, filling our shelves over the summer, and indeed all year round, with the finest in locally sourced produce – something we know is very important to our shoppers.

“By partnering with Gilfresh and its growers, we are able to bring these great tasting, quality scallions to our customers for them to enjoy in season – fresh from the field to our stores!”

Asda new season scallions are in stores across Northern Ireland now.

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