What do you do with your pumpkin after Halloween?

Countless pumpkins are purchased each year for carving and decorating our houses and doorsteps at Halloween.
We’ve put together a few ideas on what you could do with your pumpkin after Halloween to help reduce food waste generated by this age old tradition…

Cook itIf your pumpkin still appears fresh why not use to it make some pumpkin soup or even a delicious pumpkin pie? Check out our pumpkin soup recipe from a few weeks back here.

Pumpkin Seedswhy not take these out and roast them for a tasty snack? Or take out the seeds and store the seeds until next May and have a go at growing your own pumpkin?

Compost itremove any candles or other items which it was decorated with and put it in your food waste or compost bin. Don’t send pumpkins to landfill – pumpkins which go to landfill produce methane gas as they decompose which plays a part in climate change.


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