Gilfresh Produce Prepping for a ‘Veggie’ Busy Christmas Period

Here at Gilfresh Produce we are getting set for a busy Christmas season. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year at Gilfresh as we work to bring the best quality, freshest, local vegetables to consumers across the island of Ireland to enjoy as part of their festive celebrations.

What Christmas dinner would be complete without the vegetables? Carrots, parsnips and the age old favourite, Brussel sprouts, are all staples for the Christmas Day feast and Gilfresh Produce are proud to grow and supply all of these lines to leading retailers and food manufacturing clients across the island of Ireland.

As well as producing the finest in whole head vegetables, Gilfresh Produce also produces a range of own brand prepared vegetable products such as sliced carrots. Why not pick up a pack of these instead to help take the stress out of the preparations? All the chopping, dicing and slicing will be done for you.

Over the course of the next two weeks Gilfresh Produce will harvest tonnes of crops and wash, produce, pack and distribute them to customers in time for the Christmas rush. Production at their state of the art premise in Loughgall, will be operating 24 hours a day for the week before Christmas as the hard working team work to meet demand for fresh, local produce this Christmas.

Gilfresh Produce is a family run company which was first established in 1965 by Thomas Gilpin who started his career growing vegetables in a 4 acre field at his family home. The company has grown and expanded over the years and has today firmly established itself as one of the country’s leading vegetable providers.

Thomas’s son, William Gilpin is the current Managing Director of the Company and speaking of the upcoming festive rush he said, “Christmas is a very busy period for us all here at Gilfresh Produce. Our team pull out all the stops to ensure that the seasonal vegetables reach our customers in time for the busy Christmas trading period. We grow the key Christmas lines – carrots, parsnips and Brussel sprouts here on our farm. We start to plan for Christmas at the beginning of the year, ensuring we have enough crops in the ground to meet seasonal demand. Once we harvest the crops they are taken to our production facilities where they are washed and packed before being despatched to our customers.

As well as the whole head products we also produce a range of prepared vegetables, such as sliced carrots, which is a great option as well for busy households at Christmas.

We are very proud to play such an important role in the Christmas festivities and I have no doubt the team here at Gilfresh will deliver the best of local produce once again this year.”