Gilfresh Produce Featuring on UTV’s ‘Rare Breed – A Farming Year’

UTV’s Rare Breed is back on our screens and Gilfresh Produce is delighted to be featured in this series.

‘Rare Breed – A Farming Year’ is a documentary which charts the reality of farming in the 21st century in Northern Ireland, giving a unique insight into one of Northern Ireland’s largest and oldest industries.

The team from Rare Breed followed William Gilpin (owner) and Richard Gilpin (Head of Farm Operations) from Gilfresh during 2022 as they worked with the team here to grow and produce vegetables for a wide a range of customers across the island of Ireland including retailers, wholesalers and food producers.

The first episode, which aired on 19th January 2023, visited Gilfresh Produce in January 2022 when the team was busy harvesting savoy cabbages, some of which actually made their way to customers in Spain.

As the series progresses the show will feature many highlights and challenges which the team at Gilfresh face across a typical year to grow and produce the highest quality vegetables.

Be sure to tune into UTV every Thursday night at 8.30pm to see what Gilfresh and the other eleven featured farms are getting up to from month to month.

You can also catch up on the series if you missed any episodes – just click here.

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