Hardy Memorial Primary School Growing With Gilfresh

We were delighted to welcome Primary 3 pupils from Hardy Memorial Primary School in Richhill on a visit to our site recently to help the pupils learn about where their food comes from and what process their vegetables go through to get from our farm to their fork.

With pumpkin planting ongoing at Gilfresh throughout the month of May, the visit started off in one of the pumpkin fields so that the children could see some planting taking place. Managing Director of Gilfresh Produce, William Gilpin and Head of Farm Operations, Richard Gilpin, explained to the children the processes involved in planting, growing and harvesting the crop. The children then got the opportunity to get their sleeves rolled up and plant some pumpkins themselves, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The children also enjoyed a tour of our production facilities, which enabled them to see what happens to the crops after they are harvested to prepare the vegetables for the supermarket shelves. During the tour, the pupils were able to see the vegetables being washed and packed, where the vegetables are stored and how they are despatched. They also received an insight into the company’s Anaerobic Digester Plant which enables us to create our own green energy on site, reducing our impact on the environment.

Speaking about the visit, William Gilpin commented, “Gilfresh Produce were delighted to link up with Hardy Memorial Primary School to provide the children with an insight into where their food comes from and to educate them on the process involved in getting the food from ‘Farm to Fork’. We hope this experience will help bring to life what they are learning in the classroom and help inspire some future stars in the Agri-Food Industry. We look forward to welcoming the children back in September to harvest the pumpkins which they planted during their visit”.