Gilfresh Produce, as a progressive family owned business involved in the growing and packing of fresh vegetables, recognises that concern for the environment and maintenance of the rural landscape is an integral and fundamental part of what we do and we undertake to conduct its activities in a manner which protects the environment in which it operates.

We accept the statutory obligations placed upon us by complying with Environmental legislation and codes of best practice and relevant policies, and are firmly committed to achieving high operational and management standards. In its commitment to the environment, we have developed practices and implemented policies which aim to achieve:

Reducing Food Miles

We source fresh local produce throughout the island of Ireland whenever the climate permits and whenever possible. We work with seed companies and growers throughout the island of Ireland to try and extend the local produce supply season and extend seasons where possible.

Carbon Footprint

We keep our carbon footprint to a minimum through our innovative use of wind energy and efficient generation of biogas from food waste. We even supply energy back to the grid!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This is at the heart of everything that we do, from recycling our water, to re-using our waste and packaging so that you can be assured that your produce comes from a family that cares as much about the environment as your family does.

Protecting Our Countryside

We constantly strive towards the sustainability of natural resources and the preservation of wildlife through better farming practice and minimising the risk of environmental incidents, while enhancing and maintaining the natural beauty of our rural landscape. We apply the principles of environmentally responsible agriculture in a practical sense and promote good farming practice. Our farm, Gilpin Farms are accredited by Red Tractor, LEAF, Global Gap, GRASP, M&S Select Farm, M&S Farming with Nature, Tesco Nurture and are also members of Veg NI.  Our farm also has an integrated pest management plan which details our commitment to reducing our pesticide use. We recognise that we must maintain Environmental Awareness by ensuring all our employees are aware of the potential impact of their activities on the environment. Our commitment to the environment is ongoing, with our ultimate aim being to continually improve environmental performance.