Scallions can also be referred to as green onions, salad onions or spring onions. The round onion bulb was considered a symbol of the universe by ancient Egyptians. The white onion bulb and the green stalk are both edible and have a milder flavour than an onion.

How to Use

Scallions can be used instead of onion in any cooking. Scallions are usually used more like chives when a bit of green enhances a dish and also adds flavor. They are great raw and chopped in dips, spreads, salads and on top of a baked potato. Grill whole scallions lightly and serve on top of grilled steak for a tasty garnish

How to Prepare

Use your knife to trim the roots off the bottom of the white bulbous part of the scallion. Wash your scallions under cool running water to remove any debris. Make sure to rinse between each of the green leaves, and to gently rub off any dirt around the bulb with your fingertips. Trim and discard any wilted leaves on your scallions. Chop the remaining leaves and bulb into 1-inch pieces

How to Cook

Scallions tend to be milder tasting than other onions and may be steamed or set in salads in western cookery and cooked in many Asian recipes. Cook your scallions on their own by heating a small amount of oil in a pan. Saute your scallions for about three minutes, or until they become translucent.

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